Welcome to the Portage Public Schools Visual Arts Department website. 

Visual Arts Guiding Principles

Art education provides experiences and knowledge not found in any other area of the curriculum. It teaches us to use and develop our creative potential, to recognize the value of our ideas and feelings and to respect those of others.

This creative experience is absolutely essential for students at a time when society is providing fewer creative activities outside of school. Our world is changing the way students react to open-ended problems by demanding less of them as active learners and thinkers. The arts involve students intellectually, personally, physically, and emotionally. They learn divergent thinking, that there are many correct answers to a problem.

Art education provides an understanding of the visual arts in relation to history and cultures. It develops the skills necessary to communicate ideas using art techniques and process.

The visual arts curriculum of the Portage Public Schools aligns with the Michigan Essential Goals and Objectives for Arts Education and the National Visual Arts Standards. A variety of assessment methods are used to measure students' development and understanding. 

The goal of the Portage Public Schools art department is to provide opportunities for students to attain knowledge, develop critical thinking skills and communicate ideas through art experiences.